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Dal Jeanis in Dallas, TX has a blog called White Flow. He’s interested in the moment of release that Natalie Goldberg talks about in “Bones” and “Wild Mind”– Lose Control, Don’t Think. He found this in a piece I wrote on The Weekend Novelist website:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

White Flow from Jack Remick

The first White Flow State quote comes fromĀ  Jack Remick over at the Weekend Novelist

We jot start lines on slips of paper and toss them into a hat. Someone picks a start line. “I remember that day.” Bob starts the timer. I write for ten minutes. Furious. All those people. Then something happens. I forget about the people and the clock and I forget about where I am and who brought me there-I’m into the words and the scratch of my pen on the paper. The feel of the pen on the paper. Something happens. Don’t know what happens until I read aloud, in short, sharp bursts. The words are hot and electric. A new energy rips through me as I expose my fresh new unedited uncerebral loose awful words to the group. If I go to a Jungian psychologist, he’ll tell me I’m having an abreaction-a break through of emotional energy when the unconscious pours material through the corpus callosum, bringing image and power and excitement and-truth.

Thanks Dal.

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