Gabriela and The Widow–Montaigne Medal Finalist

I received this today from the Eric Hoffer Award panel:

Dear Author/Publisher:
Congratulations. As part of the Eric Hoffer Award, your book (Gabriela and The Widow, my emphasis)  was nominated for the Montaigne Medal. Your book is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize. The Montaigne Medal is an additional distinction, awarded to the most thought-provoking books. (See past winners on-line.) Approximately two to three books receive this award each year. A partial list of Montaigne finalists is below. Regardless of the judges’ determination, your book at the very least will carry the distinction of “Montaigne Medal Finalist.” The Montaigne Medal short list will be announced prior to the winners’ announcement. You will be notified via this e-mail of all events concerning the award.

Dawn Shows,
EHA Coordinator for
Christopher Klim
Chair, Eric Hoffer Award

Partial list of Montaigne Medal finalists (in alphabetical order):

Gabriela and the Widow 
Gandy Dancing
I Am Another You
Lit from Inside
Loving Andrew
Making Advances
My Life With Wings 

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