Updated Virtual Tour Schedule for Gabriela and The Widow

Gabriela and The Widow just blew into blogcritics.org for a fun-filled Q and A loaded with writing insights and personal revelations about the author. Thanks to Virginia Grenier. Check Gabriela out here:

Article first published asĀ Spotlight Interview with Author Jack RemickĀ on Blogcritics.
Also–Now Gabriela is in the PI.

Gabriela and The Widow is now available in paperback and kindle. The url is to the amazon page.

Gabriela’s Blog Tour, like all expeditionary excursions, undergoes itinerary changes according to the terrain, weather, and geo-political upheavals. Here is the url with the latest additions, deletions, changes, hopes, fears etc.:http://storiesforchildren.tripod.com/worldofinknetwork/jack-remick-jan-feb-13.html

American Chronicle and Andi’s Realm came off without a hitch. Thanks to all for visiting those stops.


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