Story About Treatment for Blood

This is the treatment for Solo Novo Facebook page readers who are following my blog entries there:

Blood  is the story of Henry Mitchell,  a mercenary who steals women’s underwear hoping he’ll get caught and lifted from the blood-filled crime-rich life he’s been leading. Imprisoned, Mitch uses his time to write his own story which begins as a cynical and misanthropic tale but, inspired by Genet’s Notre Dame des Fleurs, and The One-hundred and twenty days of Sodom he becomes enlightened and realizes that, on the outside as a soldier of fortune, he was killing the wrong people.

It is a story about a man who sees that there is no excuse for the human race but also sees that he’s been killing the wrong people. It’s a story about blood and semen and the inevitable destruction of the race. It’s a story about a man who is so pessimistic and misanthropic that he wants to see the human race eradicated. It is a story about a man who has the killer gene. It is a story about a man who kills because he’s told to kill until his eyes open and he understands that he’s a tool in the hands of his bosses. It’s a story about the evolution of writing from scratchings on stone to semen smears on concrete to writing on tissue paper to writing with pen and ink to writing on the typewriter to writing on the computer. It is a story about how memory is lost when the writing is done. It is a story about losing the past when we try to capture it. It is a story about a man who at last sees truth and makes a decision to go back into the river of blood. It is a story about love and death and blood. It is a story about a man who achieves sainthood but his god is the god of chaos and annihilation.


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